James Crocker

Reform UK

Prospective Parliamentary Candidate


Email – stratfordonavon@reformuk.com

Twitter – @Crocker4Brexit

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/james.crocker.986

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/reformukstratforduponavon

TikTok – https://www.tiktok.com/@stratfordonavonreformuk

James will be holding an event at the Home Guard Club, Tiddington at 7.00pm on Wednesday 26th June. Tickets £2.

Watch the full Stratford Herald Hustings Debate here:

Watch the full debate here.

Watch James Crocker on the BBC CWR debate with Phil Upton here.

Source: bbc.co.uk

Did I shoehorn a key topic in? Or was it conspicuously avoided by the rest of the panel? You decide.



James Crocker explains why we expect to win in Stratford-on-Avon this Thursday.


As we head into the final few days of the campaign, we still need to get the message out there and this costs money. We need your help – every single penny is hugely appreciated and will be spent with the greatest of care.



I receive dozens of requests from special interest groups every day asking for support. Sadly, due to time pressures, it is impossible to read every single email and Reform UK currently has a blanket policy of not responding. Please do not assume that a lack of response implies lack of support, or otherwise, for your cause.

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